We Love Main Street Middletown <3

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We Love Main Street Middletown <3

We love our history!

For a small town, we have witnessed over 255 years of change. George Washington walked along the old Native American trails with General Braddock, literally carving out the beginnings of roads to connect the east and west. German settlers traveled from Philadelphia and took a turn south to head into Maryland’s fertile Middletown Valley. Middletown has grown from its humble beginnings as a crossroads settlement to serve farmers in the valley and other settlers heading west.

We love the scenic beauty that surrounds our town!

When was the last time you looked at the sunset and thought, “WOW!”  Yep, it was last night for us, too. Sunsets are just one of the gorgeous natural amenities we get to enjoy. But it’s the neatness of the downtown, the lovely older trees that grace our front yards, the smell of freshly plowed fields, the sounds of the 104-year-old clock chiming the hours, the curvature of the road that opens to the wide spacious views that also add to the beautiful surroundings.

We love the architecture!

The variety of architectural styles found in our small town is amazing! From the oldest homes at the west end of Main Street, the log houses on Jefferson Street, to the ornate Victorian manses, and the adorable brick ranchers of the post-World War II years, we have styles from the 1780s to the 1950s.

Note: Anything 50 years or older may be considered a historic property.

We love our businesses and the people who own them!

Our businesses form a network of some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.  They’re passionate about what they do, and they want to share that passion – whether it’s being the best accountant, to the most helpful bank teller, to helping relive pain through yoga classes, or cooking the yummiest cake to share with friends, bringing furniture and art into your home, fixing your IT concerns, or getting a great haircut, we have this awesome collection of people doing what they love in our downtown – to help serve our residents. Our businesses are the heart of this community!

We love our local residents!

While Main Street’s mission is to promote the downtown, we could not do it without our local residents who fill our streets at events, volunteer for the community, serve as local elected officials, volunteer at our schools, and support our downtown. Whether you’re a family that has lived here for seven generations, or for a few weeks, it’s our residents who are the soul of the community.

As Main Street, we really love that we get to connect with the heart, the soul, and all of this amazing beauty and history everyday.

Happy Valentine’s Day!