Middletown Streetscape Construction

Middletown Streetscape Construction

Finally, the long anticipated Streetscape Project with the State Highway Administration (SHA) is getting ready to start in October 2016.  If you are not familiar with this project, it is the replacement of the waterline, sidewalk, curb, gutter and new pavement along with landscaping improvements all along Main Street from the Safeway to Ivy Hill Drive.  Basically all of Main Street within the Town limits. 

The project is expected to take two (2) years at a cost of over $12 million dollars.  This project will impact everyone in Middletown in some way or another.  Obviously, the property owners along Main Street will see the most significant impact, but others will certainly feel the traffic woes of construction.  

Main Street Middletown wants to keep folks as informed as possible throughout the entire construction process.  The project will be completed in phases, which means the entire Main Street will not be impacted at the same time.  Actual construction will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 9:00AM and 3:00PM.  When construction is in your area, during these times, you can expect one-lane of traffic and flaggers on the road.  Outside of these hours and weekends, the both lanes of the road will be usable. 

Here is a map indicating Current Construction and Next Construction Areas

Main Street Construction Map 

Questions about the SHA Main Street Construction Project should be directed to:

Gerald Burgess, Main Street Construction Project Engineer

Email: Gburgess@sha.state.md.us 

Call 240-675-9759