Welcome Center in Middletown

Welcome Center in Middletown

Have you ever walked into a Welcome Center?  We don’t mean the big ones along I-95 or I-70, but a smaller, local one?  

We have and the experience has been great!  It is usually at these smaller Welcome Centers where you can find information about off-the-beaten-path attractions, local eateries, and Mom and Pop stores.  

Now, picture this:  the former Bussard Barbershop!  

Main Street Middletown was so fortunate to be able to purchase this building and our vision is to use it as a place to welcome visitors and residents alike.  

The vision is becoming a reality thanks to the Bussard Barber Shop!

Larry Bussard sold his building to Main Street to benefit our town.

Our very own Main Street Manager has an office there and our vision is to rehabilitate the buildings so we have a Welcome Center similar to many towns.

Can you picture people who are historic enthusiasts coming to our building to get information on our area in the Civil War? Or new families coming learn about resources for new people in Middletown? Or even someone who hiked on the Appalacian Trail and then milked cows at South Mountain Creamery to find out the best places to have a delicious dinner to round out their fun day?

Now you can start to picture it! We’re even attracting new businesses to town because of the promise of support from Main Street and the Visitor Center.

Some people from our town love the vision so much that they’re investing:

The LaPadula Family:

Our family donated to the building fund because not only do we love Middletown but we want to help keep Main Street vibrant and historic buildings are part of what makes it special.

We love the idea of a welcome center that helps connect both residents and visitors with Middletown’s past and present.

If any part of this story touches you, whether you’re interested in seeing the historic barbershop preserved, or interested in seeing the local economy of Middletown remain healthy and vibrant, or like the idea of showing how friendly and awesome our town is as a worthy endeavor, we ask you to please donate here.